And after all of that… Clavijo is out in Colorado

According to the Denver Post, the “Andrulis of the West” is finally calling it quits.

This coming after an apparant “trip to Uruguay” and repeated votes of confidence from management. Obviously, he’s done more than enough to deserve the firing, but why has he been dangled out there like this and is now resigning rather than being fired?

  1. Did Colorado force him to quit to avoid paying him as much as they would if they’d have fired him?
  2. Did Colorado wait to try and get Spencer?
  3. Is Colorado simply run by morons who couldn’t even manage to fire their own coach without weeks of uncertainty and subsequent drama?

I am going with no. 3. Though, if the answer is they were so cheap that they tried to force him to quit to avoid paying him some extra dough, Colorado fans might as well stop going now and burn their shirts. Because an organization that cheap will never do what it takes financially and otherwise to succeed in MLS.


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