Catching Up

Can anyone tell me the way to Spago?

Can anyone tell me the way to Spago?

I was a bit under the weather last week, so I didn’t get a chance to write about some of the happenings in MLS.

  • Bruce to the Galaxy – I am frankly surprised he took this position. AEG is not the easiest group of managers to work for and while he gets one free pass for stinking at Red Bull (where, as I always say, no one could ever succeed), a failure to produce here will actually blot his reputation. It’s the difference between being one of the great coaches in American soccer (present tense) and being one of the great coaches of American soccer’s past, for whom MLS has simply passed by.
  • Johann Smith to TFC – I think there is real value to be in had for MLS clubs by plucking these guys off of European benches. He showed flashes last weekend against NY in his debut, nearly scoring five minutes after entering the match. Again, as long as young American players like him are playing and not sitting, it’s a good move for him and for US Soccer.  The same goes for Feilhaber’s move to Denmark.
  • Edu to Rangers – Again, as long as he can get on the field consistantly, it’s a good move. I am not going to pretend to know where he stacks up compared to Rangers’ existing midfielders, but if he is riding the pine, he needs to leave sooner rather than later.
  • An ominous sign? – Freddy Adu didn’t even dress for Monaco’s 1-1 draw at Nantes.
  • Keller to Seattle – Assuming that his salary doesn’t throw off the Sounders’ other roster plans, this is a great move both on and off the field. I am really curious though to hear what he’ll be making, so I reserve future judgement.

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. I don’t think that it’s an ominous sign that Adu didn’t dress for Monaco’s game. How long has he practiced with them? He couldn’t have been there long, and they’re probably giving him a rest before he starts seeing some playing time.

    Arena to the Galaxy really doesn’t surprise me either. As we’ve learned today his responsibilities as both the GM and the Head coach are a little surprising, but since that’s probably what he ask for as part of the deal, it makes more sense why he agreed to the posting. I like that he’s chosen Dave Sarachan as his assistant, as well as keeping Cobi Jones on board.

    The real question I have is how much turnover can a club go through and still be successful. The Galaxy have gone through more “surgery” to remove crap than Ben Olsen. I’m just not sure that a quick turn-a-bout (that AEG will expect) is a realistic expectation. It’s taken Zigi Schmitt 3 years to put together a team in Columbus that its fans could even consider worth watching, let alone one that is capable of making the post season. Arena may be able to squeak into the playoffs due to the weaker Western Conference, but the expectation of winning MLS Cup this season and even next season should be reevaluated (if not thrown out completely).

    I like Keller in Seattle. If he’s smart, he’ll accept the league max, but not the DP slot so that the team is still flexible enough to look at a more “experienced” attacking option to play along with Frenchman Sebastien Le Toux. Assuming that Sounders FC keep a good core of their current USL1 roster, they should have a really good opportunity to be competitive immediately in 2009.

    As for Edu, that’s not a surprise. At the end of the US’ Olympic run I thought Edu’s MLS days were numbered. I was obviously wrong as the number of games he played for Toronto upon his return from China doesn’t really count as a “number.” It does hurt TFC though. They’re a team that’s slowly putting together a strong franchise, and losing a young player like Edu sets them back a bit. I still think that TFC will become one of the perennial “teams-to-beat” in a few years. If Marvell Wynne had any crossing ability, they’d lose him too this season. Thankfully for Toronto, he’s just fast.

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