Who’s the fall guy?


The only other time in MLS history when the NY/NJ Metrostars/Red Bulls beat DC United by more than one goal was on September 28, 1997, the last game of the regular season, after United had clinched the Supporters Shield and the Metros had already been ruled out of playoff contention. Jaime Moreno, by the way, scored in that game, too. That makes today’s game the worst loss ever to our biggest rivals.

If United loses on Tuesday, somebody(s) will have to take the fall.

Who do you think is the fall guy? As I doubt Kevin Payne is likely to fire himself, I suspect Mr. Kasper ought to be finding a Realtor. I suspect, and believe it or not, kind of hope that Soehn is safe.


2 thoughts on “Who’s the fall guy?

  1. One thing in Soehn’s favor is that he hasn’t lost the team. That they were able to pull together after the dismal start is proof of that. He’s also shown that he’s capable of making squad/tactical adjustments as necessary, something Nowak was accused of not doing.

    There are things about Soehn that should be looked at, such as the youth development issues, but I think he’s earned the right to finish out the season before deciding whether or not to pick up his option.

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