Rock bottom?

Did we just witness rock bottom for the 2008 edition of DC United? Because it sure feels that way to me. Maybe I am ascribing too much importance to the New York rivalry, but that was a joke out there.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise though. Time and again, our defense has shown that top-class attackers in the league like Blanco and Angel (but not Landon, interestingly) can tear us to bits. Wells made his typical errors and an especially patchwork defense (particularly before Martinez entered) made theirs.

The fact is, this team as reassembled during the offseason, is a failure. The only problem this front office solved this season was Emilio’s lack of scoring and they did that by the easiest solution possible – literally throwing money at the problem.

Anyone who thinks that this team will suddenly turn around on so little rest and defeat New England is deluding themselves. I wonder if it is not better that this team not qualify for as many international tournaments, one to hammer home what a bad job the front office did and two, to allow the team next year a less distracted focus on domestic success.


One thought on “Rock bottom?

  1. If that wasn’t rock bottom, I don’t think I want to be within a twelve million mile circumference of the United States when we hit.

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