It wasn’t Gullit’s fault



I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Los Angeles’ disasterous  season is not primarily Gullit’s fault. So I wouldn’t rank him as a coaching “bust.”There isn’t a coach in the league, if not the world, that could have done very much with that defense – not one. This mess is primarily on Lalas’ hands, not Ruud’s.

That said, AEG had to do something. And with Gullit apparently selling his house, maybe the Galaxy figured they’d be better off canning him now, before he flees, and thus giving Cobi an early start.

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t Gullit’s fault

  1. Maybe not a bust in terms of expectations from those of us who knew they would suck. But given the national and international press that came with him, the Gullit Galf-Year (TM) can only be described as a failure and an embarrassment, regardless of who was more to blame.

  2. With the way that the offense has floundered for the past six or seven games, and the fact that DP #3 (Ruiz) has been a healthy scratch for about 2 months, I would say that the coaching is a problem.

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