Let’s all start watching Colorado, really

If I wear this red "power" tie, I might fool people into thinking that I know what I am doing.

I completely forgot about this but thankfully Fullback Files has reminded me that DC United fans have a whole sideshow to follow this season, cheering for Colorado to stink as much as possible in order for the draft pick received for Gomez to be as high as possible. For that degree of suckitude to take place, that requires coach Fernando Clavijo to not get fired.

So remember United fans, we want Colorado to stink as much as possible, but not so much as to require Clavijo to be fired.


7 thoughts on “Let’s all start watching Colorado, really

  1. Uh, the only thing we’d do with such a draft pick that’s constructive is trade it. If we used it, it wouldn’t be for anyone good.

  2. Well, remember that Kasper said that there are only a few good players available in the draft, so the worse Colorado do, the better chance we have of getting one of those players.

  3. Last year, when his GMU team lost in the NCAA first round at home to a sub-.500 Bucknell team in double-overtime, I am sure he could hear me laughing at him from the other side of the field.

  4. Even in the unlikely circumstance that we got a high pick AND actually selected a player who was not a bust, there is very little chance that we would actually SIGN said player. Unless they happened to be a GA player…

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