Way to go Buckeyes… sigh.

This is obscure and inside but it is soccer-related, so no moaning from the peanut gallery.

So my alma mater, Ohio State, follows up its miraculous, nearly inexplicable run to NCAA men’s soccer championship match with…. a recruiting class that’s not even ranked in the top 40 by College Soccer News.

Way to keep that momentum going, Coach Bluem. I guess he went to the John Markell School of OSU Program Development, motto: “Where Better Results Lead to Worse Players.”


One thought on “Way to go Buckeyes… sigh.

  1. Come on, Markell is your boy!! You’re right though, it’s a shame OSU can’t capitalize on their success in the NCAA’s last year in the recruiting dept. What do you expect though? Women’s basketball is more popular than Men’s Soccer at OSU.

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