DC’s reinforcements still not here

So it’s day eight of “Reinforcements Watch 2008” and still, no one is here yet. I am getting perilously close to panic time, what with Chicago getting better and the New England semifinal approaching on the 12th.

But hey, I am sure our management knows precisely what its doing. In fact, I was able to get my hands on a recorded phone conversation between Dave Kasper and Mo Johnston this week. 

Phone rings in Toronto…

Mo: Hello?

Dave: Hey, Mo. We’re in a bit of trouble down here and we thing that you in Toronto have the answer for us.

Mo: Oh yeah, what’s the deal?

Dave: How about we give you our 2009 1st Round pick for Rod Dyachenko?

Mo: Umm, you already have Rod Dyachenko. And you already made that exact trade last season.

Dave: Oh. Really? I could’ve swore I hadn’t seen him this season. Umm, well then thanks, Mo. I am out of ideas then…

Mo: Wait, wait. Do you want Jeff Cunningham?

Dave: Hmm, that sounds a like a good idea, I think Quaranta and a first round pic….. ach, ouch. Kevin.. Don’t hang that phone up.

Kevin Payne: Hang that goddamned phone up right now!…. dialtone

… and scene.

It can’t be that much less plausible that Tommy going in front of the press promising reinforcements and none arriving can it?


One thought on “DC’s reinforcements still not here

  1. We need a little wager widget … “Odds on what comes first – a DC United reinforcement or Brett Favre agreeing to terms to play for the Packers, Bears, Bucs, Vikings, or the CFL’s Stampeders.”

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