The steak will save us

I am sure this is partly true, but Behind the Badge lays it on a bit thick here.

What is far more important, and mostly overlooked, is how the club achieves success by looking internally when times are tough.

That was the case Monday night, when United’s players and front office gathered for dinner at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Tyson’s Corner. Following weeks that saw the team play two and sometimes three times in a week, the group has some unusual downtime as all have a full week to prepare for Saturday’s match against Kansas City.

Over heaps of food, the group mixed, mingled and spent some time enjoying each other’s company. The end result is a strengthened, relaxed group that reported to work this morning prepared for the task at hand, knowing that success will be attained together.

No speeches needed. At D.C. United, it is understood. We’re in this thing together…the team, the staff, the supporters. We all are dedicated to success, United.

Umm, I am sure the steak helped. But unless said steak can cross the ball, play central defense or compete with Zach Wells in goal, it’s won’t have helped that much.

That said, there isn’t nearly enough agitprop in MLS, thank you keeping the artform alive.


2 thoughts on “The steak will save us

  1. Would we really be worse off with a 72-ounce sirloin in net?

    Hell, if our players carried around some steak and a bottle of A1 on the field, we’d at least get fouled more.

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