Quick TV question for readers

So I flipped by the Metros-SJ game yesterday and noticed that I am having a problem with Telefutura here in Northern Virginia. It’s audio only seems to be coming across in one channel. When I turn my surround on, it only comes thru my right-rear speaker, and when I turn surround off, it only comes through my right-front speaker.

Is Telefutura doing this to other viewers in the area or elsewhere?


2 thoughts on “Quick TV question for readers

  1. Telefutura always does that for me. In fact, the audio seems to come through in the surround channel which is especially disturbing.

    The commercials come through just fine though, which means that when they come on, I have the volume turned up so high that it nearly blasts my windows out.

    I try to only watch Telefutura on non-surround TVs, or mute it, since I don’t speak Spanish anyways

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