Feeling Napoleonic today

Right now I feel that “Tommy’s Army” stands like General Wellington waiting for the Hessians reinforcements to arrive at Waterloo. Except that when Wellington absolutely needed the Germans to arrive… they did.

So far, no one has arrived over that hill to relieve the strain. Soehn thought some of the dealing would be done by now. It’s not. More worrying in some way, is that the rumor mill seems to have gone totally silent.

DC is ripe for a long, long season destroying losing streak unless help arrives. We shall know in the coming days whether Tommy is Wellington, or Napoleon. Though, if there is a Napoleon-like figure in this narrative, it has to be Kevin Payne, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Feeling Napoleonic today

  1. i been impress with the improvement the mls is making every year, but there is still alot of work to be done. i would like to see how the mls teams would do when they play south americans tourments like copa de libertadores which is a version of the uefa cup in europe. all the top clubs from south and central america are there why not north america?, it would be great for everyone . This could be a learning experienced which wont hurt any body, it would bring more fans , sponsors, and players and coaches . and more importanlty respect of other countries to american soccer or futbol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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