UPDATE – They’re gonna play, plus, Inside the Press Box with Aaron

11:22 – UPDATE, they’re gonna play! We’re gonna need 20 min of warmups starting immediately but we’ve received word that play will resume within the hour. The fans have been allowed back and the rain has fizzled to a drizzle.

For those of you wondering what we intrepid reporters did during the extended outtage. Topics of discussion included (in no particular order):

  • Dramatic readings of the ultra-pretentious reviews in Scotch magazine
  • What does one put on a proper hot dog
  • What kind of cheese is best on a burger
  • A debate on the positive qualities of feta cheese
  • Lots of talk of field drainage
  • Stories of postponements in the United Hockey League

Update: The supporters clubs are chanting “We’re still here. We’re still here.” Maybe 1,000 in here, but I can’t really tell, there are a lot of seats I cannot see from the box. This must have been what Wiz games at Arrowhead was like.


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