Quick Overreactions to Today’s Soccer

Its over. Thank God.

It's over for United. ... Thank God.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to do this every weekend, but I’m going to give it a shot as a semi-regular feature here.

Little light right now, since the foreign leagues aren’t playing, but I’ll give you some stuff on MLS and SuperLiga.

SuperLiga: Mercifully, United has been given the pink juice and won’t see the rest of this garbage. United certainly wasn’t at full strength, so it is what it is. But conceding three to Houston is a bit much to take. At least the home team got one on the board – and if nothing else, this tournament can be remembered as a springboard for Francis Doe. He got on the board a couple times, and hopefully he can parlay that into a more meaningful role in the team. But the experience as a whole as a fan was a disappointment. Three losses, 8 goals allowed, and nary a point to be found. I wonder how the team is supposed to just magically turn it on when league play resumes on Tuesday, against the same Houston Dynamo. Only time will tell if this last week has a lasting effect on United in the league. I hope not.

MLS: I watched just about all of the battle between Los Angeles and New York from Hoffa Park. Even I was guilty of thinking New York surely couldn’t fuck it up. But they did. Landon Donovan scored late in stoppage time, as the Red Bulls grabbed a draw from the jaws of victory, and the match ended 2-2. The match was really poor in the first 20 minutes. I don’t know if it was the muggy conditions, the turf, or what, but the game held little interest. Then, it seemed like an All-Star Game after that, where only a few players were really willing to go all out, and chances opened up both ways because a lot of the players just had no energy. We saw that here when United demolished the Galaxy, 4-1, when the LA players just wilted in the second half. New York probably deserved better than a draw, but that’s the kind of year it’s been for the Red Bulls – so a point is all they get.

If I check out any of the Atlante-Chivas SuperLiga match tonight, I will post some more thoughts here later.

Happy Soccer Saturday everyone.


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