Ode to the Departed

Carvallo had his debut and finale in the same game.

Carvallo had his debut and finale in the same game.

I just wanted to post some quick words of remembrance for Jose Carvallo. No, he’s not dead. But his D.C. United career is. He was waived by the club this week, unable to take the starting job away from Zach Wells – who you may remember doesn’t have a clean sheet in a league match lasting longer than 16 minutes yet this season.

Carvallo played one memorable game in a United uniform. He played the kind of game that those of us mere mortals really will never forget. The kind of game that the record books will note well into the future, and one that we will be telling our grandkids about way into the 2050s.

That game saw him give up a remarkable 4 goals on just 6 shots on target. It was a 4-0 loss to the long-time Western Conference power, Real Salt Lake. I think I can safely say that as a nation, and to a man, we all remember where we were the night Carvallo made his much anticipated debut, and finale, all in the same night. I don’t really remember it, but I’m sure you guys do.

Somewhere, somehow, Nick Rimando was laughing. … Well, of course he was, he was the goalkeeper on the other side of the field.

Yes, folks, the Jose Carvallo era in DC is over. He probably won’t make the Ring of Stars or whatever they call it now, but it’s still worth taking time to pause, pour some out for our now departed goalkeeper, and go forth into the future knowing we’ll never see one of his like again. But yet, we’ve got to go on with our lives.

God bless you, Jose Carvallo. God bless you, indeed.


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