United is out of the Superliga

I’ll keep this quick… so here is an Aaron at 11 p.m. “lighting round” of analysis.

  • Yawn
  • Defense was a sieve
  • Thompson not as bad as I though
  • Not Wells’ fault
  • We miss Gallardo
  • We need defenders
  • Tuesday Saturday will be tankapalooza, and rightly so

Again, this all looks like an indictment of Kasper. Where is all that depth? Where is all that talent brought here to bring us success in international competition?

I used to be much higher about this tournament than I am now. The new CONCACAF Champions Cup has rendered it superfluous. If it wants to be the “UEFA Cup” of CONCACAF, then let it. But if that’s the case, then teams already in the CCC shouldn’t have to slog through it.

Life goes on. Bring on the league, bring on the Open Cup.


5 thoughts on “United is out of the Superliga

  1. Kyle, you’re right, of course.

    This is one for Lifton, but how many teams can we think of that have advanced with two losses from a four-team group with a 3-1-0 point system and two teams moving on? I doubt it’s many

    I can tell you that just after a quick look, it hasn’t happened once since the World Cup adopted that system in 1998.

  2. Chivas must beat Atlante and then with the goal differential DC would need to beat Houston by 5 to tie, 6 to win. Please correct if I am wrong.

  3. I thought Goff had it as 2 to tie, 3 to win. But I’m not guessing either is likely at this point – so I wouldn’t sweat it.

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