On Thompson

From the SE’s web site:

He’s the typical MLS winger, fast, industrious, goes in for 50/50 balls, etc…

Where is crossing the ball on that list? I am not sure I’ve seen him put in one decent cross yet, not one. I know the league isn’t great, but I would hope the “typical MLS winger” occasionally put in a cross.


2 thoughts on “On Thompson

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  2. Oooh. I’m quoted.

    C’mon, you know DC United wingers don’t cross. And if they do, every other player is conditioned that there are no crosses, and don’t make runs, so what’s the point in crossing?

    Crossing died with Chris Albright, brought back for a mini-revival with Stewart, and died again when he left.

    The big point is that he’s a winger that’ll help keep the width of the field and isn’t a central guy (Tino, Fred) playing on the wing with the standard play of cutting the ball to the inside.

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