It might be time to punt

With the lineup unlikely to include many improvements from what we saw on Saturday night, it might be time for United to punt on the Superliga, start the reserves and let everyone recoup for the second half of the season. Even if DC beats Atlante tonight, they don’t have anywhere near the squad to win the tournament and might as well not get anyone else hurt if they are not going to win it.

I know this is pessimistic and probably angers those who say DC ought to go into every tournament with their eye on winning it, but right now, United needs to be most concerned with MLS and Open Cup matches. If you can’t win the Superliga, what’s the difference between finishing second and not getting out of the group phase, or more relevantly to United, getting knocked out in the semifinals and getting knocked out in the group phase?

I am starting to be really worried about Gallardo’s injury. If he has go in for surgery, is that it for him this season? Will he be around in the playoffs? Can this team go anywhere without him? I wish I knew the answers to those questions.

Prediction for Tonight: 1-1


4 thoughts on “It might be time to punt

  1. I don’t disagree with you. On any count. I would say, however, that it should be angering and frustrating to those (and by “those”, I mean “me”) who want United to win tournaments they enter into. It is, in a way, what we were promised. Yes, circumstance has crippled that, but isn’t disappointment the correct and natural emotion?

  2. No, you’ll feel like Dr. Phil after this comment — “I feel like Dave Lifton can’t be controlled, so I let him do whatever he wants. I mean, could you control his temper tantrums just because you forgot Scott Vermillion’s assist totals while he was in MLS? I’ve given up hope of ever being seen in public with him again…”

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