Berbatov? Seriously?

Good evening.

Berbatov to Manchester United?

Berbatov to Manchester United?

Took me a while to find the place tonight. Aaron changes the colors on here faster than Brett Favre changes his mind about retiring.

Indecision and confusion are about all I can think of regarding the rumored sale of Dimitar Berbatov from Spurs to Manchester United for a cool £28 million, which, with the way the US Dollar is going, equals roughly $353 million. Soccernet had the story this morning, though you can judge its accuracy perhaps by the fact you can’t find it on their home page as of 8 p.m. today.

As a Manchester United fan, I can’t say as I understand this move, if true. Some would argue, as a United fan, I don’t understand much, but anyway. It’s not as if goal scoring was the club’s problem last season – you know, one where they won a couple trophies. Does it signal the end for the Ronaldo saga? Hard to imagine Real Madrid would shell out the cash for an injured player (due out some 12 weeks), but who knows. It also would be a bit odd for United to be passing out their pence prior to any Ronaldo deal going through. It’s not as if they’ve hauled in the cash during the transfer season – and the folks across the pond keep telling me the club is in debt because of those alleged greedy American bastards.

I guess you can argue that there is always room in the team for someone who can score goals, and Berbatov can certainly do that. You don’t really gain much vs. Spurs – who are going to finish no better than fifth in the Premier League no matter who is in the side. It would seem to me that spending the money on a defender – where injuries at times last season really crippled the back line, would have been a better idea – but I’m not going to argue too loudly.

If they end up signing him, hey great. I don’t know that he’s a needed commodity at this point – though when looking at the transfer deals among the big clubs anymore, I kind of wonder whether the “needed commodity” factor ever really enters into it.


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