Quick Thoughts on Chivas

I’ve got clients in town right now, so I only have time for a few bullets on the Chivas match.

  • Missed penalty or not, United was fortunate to have only lost this match by a single goal. In the first half, the defense did its finest LA Galaxy impression, and frankly with the manpower we had out there, I can’t really blame them either. Wells did quite well, but in the end, MLS teams can only compete with MFL teams if completely healthy, in-form and likely at home. DC only had 1.5 of those as our form was acquired with players who weren’t fit on Saturday.
  • Rod Dyachenko and Craig Thompson weren’t fit to wear the shirt. Look, I have no doubt that both guys tried their darnedest out there, but neither of them are MLS caliber players and Thompson isn’t even close to that level. Dyachenko’s decision making simply isn’t precise enough for MLS, leading to giveaways when decent passing options are often at hand. Thompson is purely a USL player, all hustle and zero skill on the ball. Did you notice how unsettled Thompson seems to be whenever he receives possession of the ball? His upper body looks like it starts to spasm as his head whips frantically around trying to find someone to get rid of the radioactive plutonium ball before it kills him or before he just rips it out of play. Those two are where attacks when to die on Saturday night.
  • This certainly doesn’t end our Superliga, not if Gallardo comes back and Atlante is as bad as they looked at Houston on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Chivas

  1. I’m willing to give Thompson a pass. He may have been out of place due to his inexperience, but it wasn’t a Van Sicklen-against-Pumas-like performance.

    Dyachenko, on the other hand, has proven time and again that he isn’t capable. I’ve been saying that since his rookie year, and have never seen anything to suggest otherwise.

  2. When you waste the major part of your team salary space on Gallardo, these two dregs are pretty typical of what you can afford as depth on the team. This lack of overall quality in team depth on MLS teams is one of its main limitations as a league. Take away a handul of key starters (Jaime, Emilio, Fred, and let’s count Benny and even the talented but inconsistent Santino), and United is a USL team. Burch, Namoff, McTavish, Martinez, and Peralta are all flawed in certain aspects and under real competition could be beaten out for roster spots. Just look at the rest of this team’s roster, and see how limited in quality it is:

    13 Jeremy Barlow M 1985-08-11 USA D 0
    24 Jeff Carroll M-D 1984-01-08 USA D 1
    21 Pat Carroll D 1985-11-11 USA D 0
    12 Jose Carvallo GK 1986-03-16 Peru S 0
    22 Ryan Cordeiro M 1986-05-06 USA SD 0
    30 Francis Doe F 1985-12-25 Liberia I 1
    15 Rod Dyachenko F 1983-09-22 Russia S 2
    5 Quavas Kirk F 1988-04-13 USA D/GA 2
    17 Dane Murphy M 1986-03-15 USA D 0
    16 Dan Stratford M 1985-05-29 England D 0
    Craig Thompson F D 0
    40 James Thorpe GK 1985-02-17 USA D 0
    1 Zach Wells GK 1981-02-26 USA S 3
    20 Mike Zaher D 1985-09-24 USA SD 0

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