An addition to Fighting Talker – Ed Morgans

With the explosion of interest in Fighting Talker, and my upcoming week-long vacation to Maine, I have reached out to a good friend and fellow lapsed sportswriter join this fair blog.

I am happy to introduce Ed Morgans to the Fighting Talker fold. Morgans wrote for The Journal Newspapers, based in Alexandria, VA, (and now The Examiner) from 1996-2002; covering United from 1997-2002. He wrote for the team web site in 2003 (sort of the forerunner to Behind the Badge) and has been writing for the Barra Brava site for the past three seasons.. Another former member of the WMET Soccer Show alumni society, he now holds court primarily in the tailgating lot with fellow members of the Barra Brava. Other than United, Morgans also supports:

  • Washington Capitals
  • Napoli
  • Manchester United
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

He’s one of the funniest folks around and I am sure you will enjoy his stuff.


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