Gallardo out for Chivas match, Burch downplays NY rivalry

Uh oh, the Post is saying that Gallardo is out for Saturday’s match against Chivas with a groin. This, in my mind, signifigantly reduces DC’s chances of pulling a surprise. That means United fans will see more of the vast pit of uselessness in the center of midfield known to meteorologists as the Dyachenko Void.

This isn’t a good thing. Maybe we’ll play Fred in the middle, but I doubt it.

One other note of interest came from Marc Burch.

“I think this is really our rival,” Burch said. “People say New York is but I feel like when we play Chicago it’s a little heated. They’ve been knocking us out of tournaments and we finally got them out of one but they’ve been getting the better of us when it comes down to crunch time and I think this will really spark it up a little bit.”

Does that mean New York has replaced Columbus has United’s most one-sided rivalry? The one where the opposing fans get themselves into a lather all week arrive at RFK, watch their team lose, and then fume at DC fans ignoring any such alleged rivalry and waiting for the New York game to arrive.

5 thoughts on “Gallardo out for Chivas match, Burch downplays NY rivalry

  1. I have long thought that NY was our most overblown rival. How can there be a rivalry when we have never played them in a realy meaningful match?

    Our rivals are Chicago, NE and LA. They have faced us in matches that really matter. NY is just a diversion that some fans choose to focus on. I can’t get arsed to worry about a fan base whose team perpetually sucks.

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