Chicago ghosts busted in Open Cup match

Sounds like I missed a thriller last night at the Soccerplex. Conference calls at work that go for 3 hours, 57 minutes tend to ruin well-laid plans, as so happened last night with me. I’ve already commented on the Blanco’s alleged misbehavior, so let’s focus on the match.

Great to see Namoff and Doe find their way into the scorebook. I imagine United will put up video of the goals today, as they did for the Rhinos game, but until then let me say… I am still not sure DC actually scored on a corner kick. It might have been a mirage. It might have been some kind of false-flag goal actually scored on a soundstage in Burbank. It might have been pushed in by an invisible member of the Trilateral Commission. Did anyone see Henry Kissinger or someone looking like Agent K quietly skulking around the goals?

Come on, all that is just as likely as DC scoring a big goal off a corner.

Anyway, if DC goes on to beat Chicago in the playoffs and rid ourselves entirely of Chris Armas juju, curse, or whatever that Chicago has had over us, I will be curious to see if this match is mentioned as some kind of turning point. Even, not having been there, it kind of feels that way.


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