Soccer fans will be well-served by NBC during Olympics

The days of plausibly live matches, commerical interruptions and tape delay seem gone, as NBC has teamed up with two major cable companies to create four special all-Olympics channels including an all-soccer one.

One channel will be devoted exclusively to carrying men’s and women’s soccer games 12 hours a day, while a second channel will carry men’s and women’s basketball games 14 hours a day. A third channel will be broadcast in Mandarin and the fourth in Korean.

It sounds like they will be used primarly to complement the coverage already provided live by the standard NBC networks. This likely means that every single match of both the men’s and women’s Olympic soccer tournaments will be covered live and available in more US-time zone-friendly timeslots.

And good news to my primarily DC-based readers, Cox Cable (Fairfax County and Fredericksburg, Va.) and Comcast (almost everywhere else) have already agreed to carry the channels.


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