You stay classy, Kansas City

Some interesting allegations of sexual harassment have been leveled at the new KC Wizards ownership group. The highlights are below:

    – Cotton and Thomson would review the Facebook and MySpace sites of prospective female employees to determine whether they were “hot enough” to be hired.

    – Cotton allegedly said of one employee, “She is the dumbest person I have ever met, but she is worth keeping around for the scenery.”

    – Male employees held “drafts” of young female employees with whom they would want to have sex.

    – During a team-sponsored trip to Las Vegas, Thomson told Carver she was “hot,” complimented her physical attributes and said he wanted to have sex with her, she alleged.

      I love that first allegation, of the two guys looking at facebook and myspace. “Hey guys, put down that damn scouting tape, and come look this girl’s ass. Does she look like KC Wizards ‘material’ to you?”

      If true, these allegations prove that stadium is not only minor league part of the KC organization.


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