Open wide for the Open Cup

I have traditionally bad-mouthed the US Open Cup as a good idea but one that’s impossible to implement correctly. No matter how many times people say otherwise, it isn’t analogous to the FA Cup, it’s analogous to the League Cup, which teams fairly rightly don’t care about.

As we all know, MLS rosters are just too small for the amount of matches and travel demanded and a tournament with this small of payoff (CONCACAF spot and a bit of cash) isn’t going to thrive, especially if you are already involved in Superliga and the Champions League. It certainly matters if you don’t think Team X is good enough to reach CONCACAF via other means, but in general, this tournament will suffer the reserve lineups and very limited interest.

Of course, I don’t openly hope for United to lose, and it was a bit of a joke last year losing to Harrisburg, but if DC were to lose tonight while resting most of its starters, I wouldn’t exactly shed tears. That said, I don’t see United losing at home, even if it is in Germantown.

Prediction: 2-0 United.


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