Can US Soccer or MLS take a page from cycling marketing?

Take a look at this page setup by the Versus network to buildup to its coverage of this year’s Tour de France.

Can you imagine a version of this ad saying “Screw the politics, xenophobes, and talk show hosts, etc.?”

I, for one, would love to see it because unlike cycling, soccer hasn’t actually done anything wrong (such as vast, institutionalized doping program and subsequent scandals) and might do well to come out of its defensive crouch a little. This is even a better approach than the “Go tell the world” ad because it doesn’t really lean on the team’s performance.This kind of marketing allows for some attitude that can appeal to fans of all teams, not just the US. You could do it in Spanish or just about any other language you wanted.

Taking a cue from this ad, what do you think the US Soccer/MLS version of this should read?


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