DC removes Galaxy’s jerseys, reveals they are the Red Bulls

One my favorite recently discovered words is “pantsed.” As in, DC United absolutely pantsed the Galaxy today in front of nearly 36,000 and full network TV audience. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, as player for player, United simply is superior in every position but Beckham’s and possibly in goal. Today we saw yet another case of DC’s attack simply being able to wear teams down and cover up for what are still glaring inadequacies in the backline.

I keep reaching for teams, in and out of soccer, that this United sort of compares to in talent and temperament. When you see performances like today, it’s hard not to think DC could win the title playing the kind of attacking soccer we saw today. That being said, can this kind of high-risk attacking stuff succeed deep into the playoffs and into cup finals? I don’t know, which is why the team the ’08 United team reminds of most is the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams of a few years ago. United still does so much wrong. It still has huge problems in goal (though Wells was good today), they still have consistent breakdowns in front of goal, and yet… it’s possible to believe that United could score its way out of these problems. My other thoughts:

  • DC’s defense, and especially Peralta, are still prone to about 2-4 total lunkhead breakdowns per match. I do believe that it will kill us in the playoffs, but for nowthe team is surviving and thriving despite it.
  • Wells did absolutely everything needed to do today and I will give him full credit for it. You can’t fault him for the goal and he came up with a few spectacular saves today especially the tip while backing up from Landon’s shot.
  • Gallardo played his best game yet in a United shirt, simply pulling all the strings in midfield while tracking back defensively as well. Anyone who is not on the Gallardo bandwagon by now is either blind, stupid, or a Brazilian.
  • Yet again we’ve seen teams simply give up at RFK when that combination of adversity, DC’s attack, and traiditional DC weather all arrives at once. Landon clearly lost his head after being the recipient of an absolutely red card-worthy people’s elbow from Gallardo and never really was as effective again.
  • Beckham did not have the fitness to move around the conditions presented. You can play that stationary role of spraying cultured passes from the center of the field, but especially in the second half, he completely isolated and useless on the wing while standing 30-40 yards away from play
  • Ben Olsen  – What can you say? Just seeing come on to the field will be one of the highlights of the season for many foDlks in DC. Hopefully we see a lot more of them from him.

4 thoughts on “DC removes Galaxy’s jerseys, reveals they are the Red Bulls

  1. Well, I’m not Brazilian, and I’m not blind, so I guess that leaves…

    I will freely admit that I am not the most savvy of fans, and I rely upon people, like you, who are more educated about how the game is really played to point things out for me. However, what I see is a guy who is one favorable call away from being suspended in every game, has a salary that has to be leading to locker room dissension, and has very little impact once the ball gets into the offensive third.

  2. I still maintain that the Air Coryell years of the Chargers was more similar. They were unstoppable during the regular season, but continually lost in the post-season to their Division nemesis, the Raiders, who were too tough and organized in defense (and cheated plenty), just like the Fire and Revs.

  3. I saw Gallardo organizing the offense, not giving the ball away, distributing the ball into middle and wide areas and even tracking back to win the ball from the Galaxy.

    He is a very different player than Gomez . He does not attack the goal from down the field the way Gomez does and thus isn’t as easily noticed, especially, if you are sitting down low and shielded from much of the midfield mayhem.

    What Gallardo does so well is receive the ball in tight space, look up, and pivot that ball to retain possession and start attacks. That pivot may be a pass wide, it may be a quick jink into more space, it may even be a pass back. Diablo did that very well too, but he too tended to attack the goal more either in possession or with longer passes into danger areas. Gallardo is clearly a different kind of player – not worse, just different.

    One of my biggest criticisms of Gomez was that he too often passed to the same places and drove United’s attack in a repetitive manner. Gallardo spreads the ball out a lot more (though with Quaranta out wide now, you could argue that his options are better than Gomez’s often were), giving DC a more varied and dangerous attack.

    Did he go through an adjustment period? Yes, but I think it is coming to an end.

    On locker room dissent – I have seen zero evidence of that whatsoever.

  4. Dave, you may well be right about it resembling that San Diego offense, I just can’t make that comparison as Coryell was at San Diego during a period I cannot remember. He retired when I was 4. 🙂

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