Poplar Point is Dead

Marc Fisher says that a coalition of green groups are about to enter legal proceedings with local and federal officials to clean Poplar Point and keep it parkland. With the addition of legal proceedings to the already glacial regulatory process that United would have to overcome, it is entirely clear that the odds of a soccer stadium getting built there have become tiny.

It is now time for Victor McFarland and United officials to loudly ask Adrian Fenty for a new spot for the soccer stadium he promised we could build in the district, and if that’s not forthcoming, get the process started in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Poplar Point is dead and it’s time to move on. Assuming that PG are being truthful when they speak out in support of the stadium (and so far we have no reason to believe that they are blowing smoke), then we need to engage them and begin the process of getting this deal done and making the dirt fly.

We all wanted the team to stay in the district, but in the end, local politicians simply do not believe they can afford to assist another wealth sports franchise-owner after getting run over by the Lerners and MLB during the Nationals negotiations. I cannot entirely say I blame them either. That said, now that we have reached this point, it’s clear a lot outright lying was done by Fenty and other DC officials regarding their “support” for a soccer stadium.

Is it possible that Fenty could swoop in with a new site? Sure, I guess. But the other area that always seemed ripe for stadium development, the area around New York Avenue north of Union Station, is developing really quickly and there simply may not be metro-accessible space at this point.

I have given up on the district on this matter, it’s time that we all move on and being pushing for our new home in “Ward 9.” As long as it’s along the Metro, I don’t really think it’s going to matter too much. One plus for the PG sites that immediately struck me, is that the PG sites will likely have enough parking room to allow for the thriving tailgate scene at RFK to move with United over to the new stadium.


2 thoughts on “Poplar Point is Dead

  1. Fenty and his cronies were one of the main reasons I gave up on DC in January and moved out into the sticks. Beyond politics, I thought his showing up at the opener last spring was akin to Linda Cropp showing up at the Nationals debut — a big ____ you to the fans.

    I think a good PG location, accessable both by highway and Metro, makes the most sense.

    I remember watching the Chelski match at FedEx a couple of years ago — I don’t think a large number of fans would be without means to get to the stadium. As long as they don’t pull a Dallas or put the stadium in a place like Carson.

  2. The backlash is real, though. It would have taken some serious political guts to weather what the Post is going to do to you if this gets labeled as your idea.

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