Seventh-choice Steve now managing FC Twente

Steve McClaren has been hired by Dutch club FC Twente.

I don’t get it.     

Twente is actually better than you probably realize. They qualified for the Champions League this year ahead of traditional powers Ajax and Feyenoord. The coach who got them there, Fred Rutten, left for Schalke and apparently Stevie was the best option management could think of.

Needless to say, I don’t entirely agree. I don’t actually agree one bit. McClaren’s ascent to England manager was based entirely on one lucky UEFA Cup run and his passport saying UK on its cover. Now, after disgracing himself as England manager, he is managing a team in the Champions League, where I fully expect his team to get stuffed.

Surprisingly though, Twente weren’t the only one interested in him. Though this might just be agent-speak.

McClaren had initially been forced to politely decline the role of coach, which was made to him by Twente’s chairman Joop Munsterman some weeks ago, due to family commitments.

In addition to those obstacles, it was believed that McClaren had set his sights on remaining in England with a Premier League club, a view that was reinforced when he was reported as holding with talks Blackburn Rovers on Monday.

Clearly those talks bore little fruit and, faced with the prospect of another season out of the game, McClaren looked to resolve any personal issues there might have been to make the move to Twente a viable option.

Normally I would be in favor of English players and coaches going abroad to seek greater and different challenges. I just never imagined it would be this idiot doing so.


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