Where would I put a USL team?

I just said that I didn’t think that putting a USL-1 team in Tampa is a brilliant idea, so here are my top cities where I think a USL team could succeed right now.

  • Omaha – This is the market that has always made the most sense to me. They already support a good college program in Creighton who has a beautiful stadium sitting there begging for a USL team to use over the summer. With only a AAA baseball team competing for eyeballs during the summer, this just makes too much sense.
  • Baltimore – I know they have Crystal Palace Baltimore who play in Catonsville, but I am not sure that a USL-2 team affiliated with a weirdly-named English club that no one knows is the best route to soccer success in Charm City. I would move it to USL-1, rebrand it as something people know (like the Bays, a big youth program there) and move it downtown to Johns Hopkins’ Homewood Field.
  • Albuquerque – Again, the city has proven it is able to support a college team in UNM, and has a decent facility available that could be expanded to USL standards. It’s a city with large latino population and, like Omaha, only a AAA baseball team for competition. I suspect it would support a well-marketed, well-presented team.

I am sure there are others out there I am not thinking of. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Where would I put a USL team?

  1. Des Moines, they have one of if not the highest attendance in the PDL, at one time had plans for a SSS in the city. Like 2 of your choices above, only have AAA baseball.

  2. I live in Rhode Island, and would love to see a team here. We currently have a PDL team, but frankly, who cares?

    And I loathe (that is the understatement of the millenium) the Revs naturally, being a United supporter. The local youth soccer leagues are spectacular, and nearly every kid in my neighborhood has grown up playing soccer. Besides the families who love the sport but are too lazy to get their asses up to Foxboro (20 minutes away, by the way), we have a huge Latino population, most of whom have fit into American society well and learned English. We have a college football stadium (Brown University’s 20,000 seater) or the 8,000 seat stadium where the PDL team currently plays for venues, both of which could be easily rebuffed and are near public transportation.

    I’d also like to see a team in the west, because the only teams are Whitecaps, Timbers, and Sounders, who are leaving next year. So put a team in the California bay area, or down in San Diego. Right on the Mexican border… hmmmmm…

    And I’d also like to see Cleveland get promoted to USl-1, because I believe they would gain a good enough fan base to persuade Columbus officials to move there. Seriously, Columbus and Kansas City need to move. Now.

  3. Nice article. I lived in Portland for four year and feel in love with the Timbers there. I moved back home to Lincoln, NE and I’d love to get a professional team around these parts to support.

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