United so needs to do this

A local KC brewery is brewing a Wizard-specific beer. How great is that?

We are partnering with Weston Brewing Company to tryout a new Wizards-specific beer that is brewed in a traditional cask-conditioned method. Beer will be free until the first 10 gallons are gone, then more will be available for $2 a pint.

How is it possible that DC United hasn’t done this before? I am already buzzing with ideas for DC-themed beers.

  • Luciano Emilio Triple IPA, because his mad hops deserves some serious hoppiness
  • Pink Cow Ale, because nothing washes down the taste of another schlacking like a bit of bitter
  • Chris Albright Cranberry Ale, because it sits for a while but instead of getting better, it’s just flat and horrible when you eventually try some
  • Dema Kovalenko’s Caffeinated Beer because it’s full of energy but not very pleasant

You could go on and on


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