Czechs wrap one Euro 2008 title up

Let’s all just rise from all our seats, put our hands together, and give the Czech Republic the ovation it is properly due for the Best Choke of the 2008 UEFA European Championships. Up 2-0 with less that 20 minutes to go, it takes a certain vast degree of mental frailty to allow three goals to Turkey.

The Czechs, with one of the best goalkeepers in the world and four Serie A defenders, have no one to blame but themselves. The Turks’ final goal was onside, barely and even so, there is no excuse for that kind of capitulation, which has to rank amongst the worst chokes in recent international soccer history. I personally cannot think of any worse single-game collapses. Yugoslavia-Spain in Euro 2000 comes close but Yugoslavia had already qualified from the group when they blew a stoppage-time lead so it was Norway, and not the choke artists themselves, that paid the price.

Can any of you out there think of any better single-game chokes in a major international tournament?


5 thoughts on “Czechs wrap one Euro 2008 title up

  1. Bayern Munich giving up 2 injury time goals to lose 2-1 to ManU in the 1999 CL final has to be in the ballpark. It was a smaller lead, but it was a bigger stage in the final and killed a treble.

  2. I can certainly think of one that hurt *me* more — 22 September 2005 in the Copa Sudamericana. Because of the away goal rule, DCU’s 2-0 lead meant they could give up two goals to Catholica and still win; they gave up three and lost.

  3. I’m not so much a fan of the choke as I am the flameout, when a team loses in spectacular fashion. I was expecting that to happen to Turkey when they went down 2-0.

  4. United ALMOST coming back from 3-0 down to Chicago in the playoffs last year.

    I know that’s not international, but in order to finally stop crying about that game, I have to think about it constantly.


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