U.S. cruises while Mexico, Argentina and Brazil all struggle

Let’s the get the least interesting and meaningful qualifying match out of the way here first…

  • The U.S. obliterated Barbados, 8-0, in the first leg of the Nats’ opening round of World Cup Qualifying. If the scoreline wasn’t bad enough, even Eddie Johnson scored. There is no point analysing this other than to say that no one apparantly got hurt. This first round that CONCACAF added for 2006 is such a waste of time, and I suspect nothing more than a sop to Jack Warner’s prime constituency of tiny islands who now have more of an opportunity of a big-money opponent coming to whatever dust bowl, cricket ground, velodrome, mud bog, etc. they play home matches on.
  • Mexico struggled to beat Belize, 2-0, with the second goal coming off a 90th minute penalty by fossilized forward Jared Borgetti. It’s not even as if the Mexicans (who were without Sven, remember) had to deal with a hostile atmosphere, the game was held in that tranquil Belize village of, erm, Houston. If Sven is smart, he goes young with this team with guys like Vela, Dos Santos and Castillo. Borgetti and Zinha (who both played today) need to understand their Mexico days are numbered.
  • Costa Rica had to fight back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 at Grenada. This one is less of a surprise as it took place in Grenada but still, Costa Rica shouldn’t be having that kind of problem with Grenada, Jason Roberts or not. Did you know CR is winless in its last 14 games?

More on COMNEBOL and the Czechs’ Choke of the Century tomorrow.


One thought on “U.S. cruises while Mexico, Argentina and Brazil all struggle

  1. I have no problem with the first rounds against the smallest minnows. Every other confederation except CONMEBOL has its teams that will never even compete for a World Cup spot, but they all get to play against the traditional powers, and there’s nothing wrong with giving them the opportunity to make some money, too.

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