US stands tall against Argentina

Finally, finally, finally we saw the kind of performance we expect out the USA last night as they tied Argentina, 0-0. Thoughts are below.

  • The US attacked, they shot, they hit woodwork. They actually looked like they wanted to be on the field. Oh, the improvement. Just about everyone in the attack not named Eddie Johnson played well.
  • Tim Howard played the match of his life and surely left Cruz with nightmares of the 4-5 crucial saves Timmy made.
  • I know that everyone but Bob Bradley is aware of this, but Freddy Adu MUST start against Barbados. He’s earned it. If he doesn’t, Bradley must provide a real answer as to why he isn’t.
  • What a crowd! Especially once the rain arrived, the US fans were absolutely louder than all the Argentines.
  • Michael Bradley… sigh. I know the shirts looked really really similar but you’re supposed to pass to guys in white.
  • The referee: A total joke. He was in over his little head all night. His phantom sending off of Mastroeni when neither he nor Edu did anything was absolutely criminal.

You can read more at my Live Blog from yesterday.

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