A slowish start to Euro 2008?

I think it’s a bit easy to get up this morning and feel a bit disappointed in the first four matches of Euro 2008. There were no surprises, less than brilliant officiating (Mr. Pogatetz is a very lucky man), and only Portugal stood out as putting on a decent performance.

I thought Germany, yesterday, was merely okay. Croatia was hugely disappointing after scoring an early penalty against Austria and then promptly packing it in. Some say they were missing Eduardo, but I thought the problems started long before the ball ever reached the forwards.

I think today’s Group of Death matchups should provide a good indication of the manner by which the teams are going to play throughout this tournament. If today produces only a couple of goals and a draw or two, we know that we’re probably in for a slopfest all month.

I hope that isn’t the case.


3 thoughts on “A slowish start to Euro 2008?

  1. It’s certainly possible. Barring any shocks from Austria, it’ll all come down to the Croatia-Poland matchup and anything can happen in a single game.

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