Stadium “ball” is back in United’s court

With the reminder this weekend that DC politicians tend to be calculating, fearful wusses, United needs to regain control of the new stadium process. The way they can do that is by getting very serious and very public with the PG County officials who have said they want to lure the team there.  Any other moves that United makes will only make apparent that DC is willing to be jerked around by the District and that their threats to go to PG are false (which will only then peeve off PG – not helpful).

Look, as disappointing as it surely is to United fans, this team simply cannot continue to engage in negotiations with a group of people terrified to make a move either way. If Fenty and/councilmembers don’t accept the stadium terms, then say so. But by sticking by these people even after they continue to hesitate, waffle and renege on deals, United starts to shift from being the victim to being the enabler.

It’s time to get very loud with PG (press conferences, stadiums drawings, an announcement of location, a name) and force the District’s hand. If DC city officials don’t want to team in the city, that’s their decision. But DC needs to move to get these folks off the fence. If they don’t land on the side of the fence that United wants, so be it.

It’s time to move on.


2 thoughts on “Stadium “ball” is back in United’s court

  1. I am certainly unhappy about it, but I am resigned to making the long drive to PG. I’ve started asking co-workers from MD what the drive is like. It’s not going to be pretty.

    I’m looking at (according to WMATA) a 1.5 hr Metro ride with 2 transfers to get to Greenbelt from Springfield. Probably add .5 hours for the transfers on a weekend and another 20 minutes for driving to Springfield, parking, walking, and waiting for the train there.

    New Carollton is only slightly better, although it only requires one transfer.

    Google Maps puts the drive at 52 mins to either location. With that kind of trip, I’ll be lucky if I can convince myself to go to 2 games in a year, when I can just as easily watch from the comfort of my couch with cold beer that doesn’t cost $10 and real grilled brats.

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