Capello’s forwards give him reason to be positive? Umm, no.

EPLTalk drinks a bit of the England-hype Kool-aid.

Jermain Defoe, however, proved himself to be a very classy finisher in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and his two goals will have put him in amongst Capello’s first-choice array of striking talent along with Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch.

Really, two goals against a CONCACAF minnow thrusts Defoe into the thick of the England forward unit? Even if that is true, that’s one hell of an indictment of England’s forwards, isn’t it? Rooney is a great player, Owen was a great player, Crouch is an overrated freak who’s mere appearance causes England to revert to simply mashing long balls in the vague direction of his head, and regarding Defoe; four of his five international goals have come against Trinidad and Andorra. Wow, I can feel opposing defenders quaking in their boots at this moment.

Let’s see Defoe succeed either in Europe (which at Portsmouth, could happen via the UEFA cup) or with England against talent great than those in such powers as Andorra and Trinidad. Then maybe he can say he belongs in that group.

Now where’s Theo Walcott? He belongs in that lineup.


One thought on “Capello’s forwards give him reason to be positive? Umm, no.

  1. When has Walcott ever played well or scored for England?

    He has only had minimally less oppertunities to impress than Defoe, yet lies four goals short.

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