New England v. DC – Was Toronto a streak or a peek?

Lemme remind all you DC fans who think the bandwagon is primed, fueled, and ready to roll – you are in for a big reality check tonight. The Revs have only lost once in the last six matches and DC hasn’t won on the road since September… that’s eight (league) matches. On top of all of this, and the fact that New England traditionally (at least until last year, when DC swept the season series) matches up really well with DC, having all those things that United never does such as speed, size, a bit of grit, Fieldturf, and a competent goalkeeper.

On top of all this, Abbey Okalaja is the referee tonight. This means that NE players we likely be able to dismember United players until late in the match when he panics at the thought of yet another match he’s lost control of, and begins flashing cards like a reading tutor with a Florida State football player.

The best possible result for United would be a 0-0 draw. Until I see DC score on the road, I refuse to really believe that they can (especially on Fieldturf). We shall see, but for now (thanks in no small part to Bob Bradley), I am pessimistic.

Prediction: 2-0 NE


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