Signs of good news on stadium front

Now I don’t claim any expertise in the byzantine affairs of DC city politics but this has to seem like good news.

A coalition of D.C. Council members is drafting legislation that would authorize Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to spend $150 million in public money to subsidize construction of a soccer stadium for D.C. United in Southeast Washington, city government sources said.


The city would finance construction bonds with excess tax revenue being collected by the District to pay for the baseball stadium. D.C. United would be responsible for paying for any costs above $150 million, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the plan is still being finalized.

It looks very much like the deal United proposed about a year ago, but if the deal works out and DC gets its stadium, no one will remember the delay. The story goes on the say that nothing is done and the debate could be contentious, but with the allies that United ownership have assembled behind the Poplar Point plan (Barry, et al), I would imagine that it would proceed through the City Council.

I am interested in hearing what the City Paper and DCist think of the proposal and its chances because they cover city politics very closely.


One thought on “Signs of good news on stadium front

  1. They cover it closely; but in the City Paper’s case, not objectively or fairly. The City Paper is more of a tabloid when it comes to such things.

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