New United sponsor bursts with meaty goodness

From Washington Business Journal:

D.C. United has a new, edible corporate partner.

Johnsonville Sausage, a privately owned, Wisconsin-based sausage brand, will be a sponsor of the soccer team and an RFK Stadium advertiser for the remainder of 2008.

Announced Tuesday by the Fulton, Md.-based sports marketing firm Aquarius Sports Group, benefits include in-stadium signage, radio, hospitality, and use of United’s logos and marks for use with a retail partner promotion.

Ovations, the concessionaire that operates RFK Stadium’s food and beverage service, will provide Johnsonville’s brats, Italian sausage, and hot dogs at United’s home games.

There are also plans in the works for a ticket offer for fans presenting Johnsonville product packaging at the box office and those tailgating with Johnsonville’s grill at upcoming home games.

Other clients of Aquarius Sports Group include AAA Mid-Atlantic and PaySourceUSA.

First DC gets sponsorship from a German car manufacturer, now a sausage company, and we’re already outfitted by a German company. Is Miroslav Klose next for United?


2 thoughts on “New United sponsor bursts with meaty goodness

  1. If he was, I sure wouldn’t complain.

    But the real question is, will they also supply training to the concession folks on how to cook them without making them nasty-tasting, grey, and unsanitary?

  2. MMMmmmmmm….. brats…….

    If those brats aren’t cooked in beer, I’m going to be really upset. I love me some Johnsonville brats.

    Damn it, now I have to go to the store. So long, diet!

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