Adios Franco

Lil’ Franco Niell is worried about his lack of playing time and with Dave Kasper openly maligning his performance, it’s safe to say he should be.

“He has not shown the tenacity, the work rate, the energy that he had when he first came,” United General Manager Dave Kasper said of Niell, who was impressive throughout preseason. “Some players have difficulty adjusting — the league, the language — and I think that is the case with Franco.”

With a salary of $152k, DC won’t wait around to jettison him, presumably, back to Argentina… Hopefully American Airlines doesn’t think he’s 8 years-old and lets him fly to Buenos Aries unattended.

I won’t miss him. What a disappointment.


3 thoughts on “Adios Franco

  1. Just for fun, can you think of any bigger disappointments for DCU?

    Who was the Argentine striker that we acquired around the same time as Erpen? He was a big flop, not sure about his salary (to provide a comparison).

    I can’t think of anyone else who comes close.

  2. That’s the guy. Not that we exoected much out of him. I only saw him on the pitch once that I remember.

    Does two sub-par Argentinian strikers serve as a trend? I am certainly thrice-shy now. The physicality and defensive requirements of this league are apparently more than young Argentinian forwards are capable of adjusting to.

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