Archer is dismissive of Crew video


I will only say that some of the post game discussion, led by the irresponsible mewlings of a thoroughly bogus website which long ago surrendered any shred of integrity, is pretty overblown.

One or two people got too much beer in them and got carried away, and I can’t think of a single team or stadium in MLS where that hasn’t been the case from time to time.

Exaggeration, hyperbole and a bunch of self-righteous indignation are the responses of children and fools. We’re all in this together and if you don’t get that you don’t get anything.

Incidents have happened before and they’ll happen again, and we’ll deal with them appropriately and move on. In the meantime, muckraking garbage websites trying to gin up hits for themselves by cynically exploiting isolated problems are only serving their own narrow interests at the expense of MLS and American soccer.

I don’t necessarily disagree with the shots he takes at MLS Rumors. But, I don’t think the n-word is something that has been heard at other MLS stadiums. I’ve never heard it at RFK, and to be fair, I never heard it at Crew Stadium either when I was attending those matches. The issue of the n-word (and not the bottles, which has happened everywhere) is serious. In light of that, I am surprised the Crew has not released a statement regarding the video yet. I am trying to track that down currently.


2 thoughts on “Archer is dismissive of Crew video

  1. I’ve never heard the N word in New York but I have heard it suggested that a player (who was from the Carribean) go back to Africa. Sad and disturbing stuff that unfortunately spills from the mouths of Americans of all races from time to time. Personally I think this is just one ignorant person’s action and not representative of the way MLS fans in general behave.

    Having said that I hope the person on the tape is IDed and banned.

  2. I haven’t heard someone yelling “ni**er” at RFK; but I haven’t been everywhere at RFK in every game. Get that many people together that many times, and I find it hard to believe that it *hasn’t* happened — given enough opportunities, someone will act like an asshole. Furthermore, I don’t see *that* much difference with “Fuck you, you fucking dirty Mexican” — something I *have* heard at RFK.

    I don’t think there’s any conclusions to draw from this other than that the person recorded is a jerk and an asshole — a species that will come to the fore when lots of alcohol gets consumed.

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