What next?

The question that has dominated my thoughts for the last week or two is this:

Does DC United have to get worse before it can get better?

Basically, is DC so bad that it has to get even worse (or at least younger) for a year or two while freeing up cap space and acquiring some draft picks?

If this were one of the other major sports, I’d say yes – absolutely they do.

But this is MLS, and DC may be able to free up the salary space to be back in business next season with some smart acquisitions. If Moreno retires, Emilio is shipped off and Olsen is forced to retire (unfortunate but likely) then they have the salary room to bring in some players. But will they have the draft picks to acquire any young players, or are we relying on South American castoffs yet again? I don’t know the answer to that question, and that’s why I think the losing could continue next year.

But this is MLS, and when it comes to player acquisitions, you truly never know.


7 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Draft picks are irrelevant, because the braintrust behind the team decided long ago not to take the draft seriously, that the draft is useless, and that the only real worth of draft picks is in their trade value. If we didn’t have a developmental roster to fill out, we probably wouldn’t even participate in the draft.

  2. I can’t really see Dave Kaspar getting shipped out unless we don’t win another game this season. Of course, if that happens, Volkswagon will probably abandon us, too (and I say good riddance! Bring back the stripes!).

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