Good for United, they deserved it

United wins in penalties, 6-5.

I’ll admit, I’ve only seen the highlights but I downloaded the match via that fun method that rhymes with Ritvorrent and isn’t at all illegal – no not at all.

Also, as much as I hate penalties, anything that makes Nicolas Anelka the donkey makes me a happy man.

But this season, United was by far the best and most consistent team I’d seen this year. Early on, I thought Roma would crush all, but they slowed and United just chugged on, waited for Arsenal to implode and held off Chelsea in the league and Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo has had one of the best season I’ve ever seen an individual have, and if he caps it off with a great performance at the European Championships, you have to start putting him up there with some of the greats.

United was great, but I am more interested in what Chelsea does. If Chelsea elects to reconstruct the squad that could turn the European transfer market into an absolute mob-scene as Abromovich and Barcelona chuck ridiculous amounts of cash around (and likely at each other’s players).

I’ll have more once I watch the whole match.

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One thought on “Good for United, they deserved it

  1. Sir Alex Fergusson and the team earned the victory and deserved to win the game. I was at a place where both Chelsea and M.United fans was looking at the match and I have to say the United fans was most friendly and the Chelsea fans was rude and unpolite and couldn’t appologize for tipping out beer on there own friends. So God punish them and gave the victory to the nice fans of M.United 🙂
    United we stand and devided we fall 🙂 And the name of the game is Fotball not Soccer as they say in USA and we like Fotball and stand up for the best team of Europe this year M.United and say Halleluleja what a Game to watch it hade everything a fan could ask for (if u wasn’t a Chelsea fan anyway) and congrat to the well earned victory and good old Giggs did what he should do put the ball in goal at the penalty shot out. Cristiano Ronaldo was unlucky at the penalty but did the first goal at the game so he was very happy at the end when Edvin Van Der Sar showed that he had learned to take a penalty he was close twice and was able to take the last one. Thank you all for the great game and good luck next season from The One and only Professor Penalty 🙂
    I’l be back !!!

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