Still bad? Yup, still bad.

The most terrifying thing… that was the best DC has looked in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t need to be said, but the Soehn/Kaspar/Emilio/Talon deathwatch is definitely on. There is so much wrong with this team that just ridding the team of one of the problems can solve the problems.

  • Defense and goalkeeping again haunts United… McTavish has to take most of the blame but Wells screwed up too. McTavish clearly isn’t a central defender and Wells clearly isn’t a starting goalkeeper in Major League Soccer. This of course, falls firmly on Kaspar who thought Wells had what it takes.
  • The attack shows sparks but still doesn’t look consistently dangerous… Okay, at least this time DC looked dangerous in tiny portions of the match, but overall, it’s the same slow-moving, plodding drivel we’ve seen all season.
  • The only two players whose performances I liked was Martinez and Fred and that was mostly by running around generally looking interested. It’s a low bar United has to traverse to impress me these days.
  • Physicality… Toronto “took liberties” all night with Gallardo and no one on DC did anything. Where was the confrontation. Where was the retaliation? There is no one on United right now who can dissuade opponents from taking shots at our stars.

I think Soehn and Kaspar probably will be canned this weekend. Toronto is a confident bunch, will probably win Saturday and that will be that. Count me as firmly in the Bruce camp. I know many of you disagree, but we need a change and I think Bruce can provide that.

The players aren’t playing well enough, the players aren’t talented enough, and coaching is not good enough. It’s time to start thinking about who we can get with our “You Suck Allocation,” because we’re firmly in the market for one.

Meanwhile, I am going turn over to the Memorial Cup and watch some guys actually playing their guts out.



One thought on “Still bad? Yup, still bad.

  1. When in doubt, put it out.

    How many times did we fail to execute this U-8 lesson? Give them the freaking throw in, don’t put your shaky keeper under pressure.

    As far as I am concerned, the season is done. We have 6 points from 9 games and need to get 35ish points from the next 21. That’s near impossible with this group.

    Last night was the night we became a Cup team.

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