Pre-game mentality

I am entering tonight’s game with the mentality I had covering Columbus.. I know DC is going to lose. I am sure some of DC’s players or staff know they’re going to lose. Sure, I know you want to say that you always have to support the lads, and I do… BUT, I know a dysfunctional team when I see one… and ladies and gentlemen, this is one. All you can do is start to try and see the humor in it.

The only thing United has going for it is that we’re at home. In the words of the Orange One, THAT’S IT, THAT’S THE LIST.

And think about this, if Emilio suddenly gets his ass in gear and starts playing like he’s interested again… what has he just proven? That it’s acceptable to intentionally under perform and that it might even be rewarded. Is that what we really want?


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