England goals are way out of whack

From Who ate all the Pies:

In their infinite wisdom, the Football Association has demanded that the national team reach at least the last four of the next World Cup, or Euro 2012. The FA revealed their optimistic vision this week in a 52-page document which set out several policy initiatives for the international side.

is this a realistic expectation? Coach Fabio Capello says he’s “confident” that he can steer England’s overpaid lads to semi-final glory (followed by penalty shootout misery, no doubt). But do you think the FA is getting ideas above its station?

They are wildly optimistic. Who are these great players that will lead England on to the semifinals? Who? To my count, I see three, maybe four world-class players who could lead a team on a deep run in a tournament. Wayne Rooney and John Terry are definite stars, Theo Walcott is well on his way there and then after that, eh, erm, well…

Cue shrieking voices from Merseyside.

“Where’s STEVIE G!?!?” They shout.

He’s not there because he specializes in conceding possession and always looks to shoot or ping long passes (too often to the other team) when he should more patiently hold on to possession. In the knock-em sock-em Premiership that kind of sloppiness is acceptable, because he will often get the ball handed right back. But in the international game, a player that careless on the ball is a liability.

And after those guys, who else would you count as a world-class player? Who? Lampard? Put him on another team and see how he does.

Now the FA has brilliantly gone out and set England up for failure. With the players England has, it’s not even like they needed the help that much.


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