Book Recommendation(s)

This isn’t a book review proper as he hasn’t released anything new, but I just wanted to take the time to highly recommend the work of British journalist Andrew Jennings. He specializes in shining the light on the dirty, dirty work of the IOC and FIFA.

I first ran into his work when I was in college and I couldn’t believe some of the stuff he had dug up. He was one of the first people to write about the corruption rife within in the Olympic bidding process, one of the first to expose former IOC head J.A. Samaranch as a former fascist and is currently one of CONCACAF dictator Jack Warner’s biggest enemies.

I’ve read all of his other sports books and each of them will leave your jaw dropped at how corrupt these organizations are and false their claims are of acting for the “good of the game.”

His latest book is called Foul! and it helps expose Sepp Blatter’s FIFA for what it really is, a massive patronage organization devoted only to enriching its own and keeping its own in power.


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