More insipid crap from United

Garbage. Absolute garbage. That’s what we saw yet again from United when on the road.

Folks, this isn’t a matter of the team “not yet coming together.” This isn’t a matter of fatigue anymore. This is a team who’s best striker clearly cannot contribute right now and whose manager and technical director are finding their decisions exposed as wrong on a more regular basis.

  • Emilio needs to have his beef solved or have his butt sat immediately. He is adding nothing right now. I don’t know if he pissed about his contract situation or what, but he is adding a big pile of nothing to our attack. If he’s sulking over the contract situation, then sit him and try to trade him. How does Emilio for Ante Razov straight-up sound? At this point, Emilio to Toronto (where he’ll freeze his Brazilian butt off) for Cunningham is just starting to make a little sense. If he doesn’t want to be here, he shouldn’t be here.
  • Where is the blood and thunder from Soehn during these performances? Look, I am all for quiet cerebral managers rather than people like Kevin Keegan, but I am sick of seeing him sitting on the sideline watching this nonsense and looking like a balder, more confused Glenn Roeder. Whatever Soehn is doing clearly isn’t working. Why not try something different?
  • Did you see how much time Gomez had on the ball today? What is the one thing we all learned about Gomez during his tenure here? It’s that if you pressure him in possession incessantly and knock him down repeatedly, he’ll struggle. We didn’t do that one bit.
  • This team simply isn’t athletic enough. They looked downright geriatric in the altitude today. Again, normally I am all for skilled guys over “one-tool athletic guys” but United simple isn’t fast enough to cope with even average MLS teams and not physical enough to handle pressuring midfields. Only Soehn and Kaspar could contrive to try to solve our speed problem by getting Franco Niell, a player so small that he exacerbates the physicality problem and nullifies the gains in speed.

I’ve offically reached the point where Soehn’s job is officially in jeopardy, at least to me.

I’ll have more later when I clean the foam from my mouth.


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