Bill Archer flies into the Douchebag Zone

This crosses a line. I see he’s deleted the post. Here was what was there.

OK fine.

I still honestly don’t understand the fuss, but I surrender.

Please note that the site management is not, and never has been, members of the National Socialist Party.

I post what I post and take sole responsibility.

Maybe if DC changed their colors to mauve and pink…..

Archer writes a lot of good insightful stuff, especially regarding Jack Warner and CONCACAF, but this is simply offensive and hypocritical.

The line between edgy and douchebag is a thin one. Yet again, unfortunately, Archer has crossed it.


2 thoughts on “Bill Archer flies into the Douchebag Zone

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  2. As a Columbus resident and a Stagehand, I CAN
    honestly say that this city is one of the more under
    cover RACIST places I know of. It happens A LOT
    it’s just that people here treat these actions with the
    ELAN of a Liz Trotta.

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